‘Being Black in the EU’, a report published by FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency) reveals the many challenges black people face.
Racial harassment: 30% of respondents say they have been racially harassed in the last five years; 5% have been physically attacked. Member States should therefore make greater efforts to better support victims of racism and to properly prosecute perpetrators. Racial discrimination also remains problematic. Around a quarter of black people
experienced racial discrimination at work or when looking for work. Discriminatory profiling in police stops is also an issue: 24% of respondents were stopped by the police in the last five years. Among those stopped, 41% felt the stop constituted racial profiling, which undermines trust in policing and community relations.

This report examines the experiences of nearly 6,000 black people in 12 EU Member States, as part of FRA’s 2nd EU Minorities and Discrimination survey. It collected information from over 25,500 people with an immigrant or ethnic minority background, including Roma and Russians, in all 28 EU Member States.

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Source: FRA