In order to address hate crimes globally and effectively, it is necessary to consider the problem in all its shapes. An essential and often overlooked component is the support for victims. In this regard, the biennial project EStAR aims to Improve Stakeholder Awareness and Resources for Supporting Victims of Hate Crimes. The ODIHR Project will provide state and non-state actors with the tools and resources necessary to ensure an effective response to victims’ needs, enjoy full access to justice and an adequate and specialized support. The project will also create a network of experts, developing a framework for sharing international standards and best practices, while ensuring that resources reach those who need them.

“To develop effective hate crimes supporting system for our societies, we first need to understand hate crimes victims” Here is the video of EStAR which helps us to learn more about the victims and their needs, in order to build a conscious and active community in supporting the victims of hate crimes.

Video: Placing victims at the heart of hate crime response